About Us

About Us

Why Ayaksha

Ayaksha is derived from the Buddhist literature term yaksa – a broad class of benevolent nature spirits who guard natural treasures of the world. Here at Ayaksha, we are the caretakers of our natural treasure – children.

10 years ago, Mr.Rakesh Raval pioneered the unique concept of Ayaksha for schools. A 360-degree well-being program for children at a basic level which includes physical, physiological, and psychological health and safety.

As health education gains prominence all over the world, our qualified team of doctors at Ayakasha prioritizes the health of your child.

Our Philosophy

Parents are often concerned about their child’s health, especially in school. At Ayaksha, we believe in preventive measures. We conduct wellness seminars, health checks, first aid training, disaster management training, and other activities at the school level.

Health awareness can be incorporated from kindergarten to high school to help the child stay healthy, prevent disease, and excel. With the support of our team of qualified doctors and school staff, we aim to improve a child’s emotional, social, physical, spiritual, and moral well-being.

Healthier students tend to do better in school with higher attendance, better grades, and better performance. Our doctors help teachers and parents to learn skills that will ensure their children’s health throughout life.

Our Benefits

Solution Providers
We offer an end-to-end integrated solution to schools dedicated to health and safety, acting as a ‘Health and Safety Partner’ for the institute.
Competent and Trained
We have an excellent team of medical experts specializing in Dentistry, ENT, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, and Psychology for a complete health check-up.
Our large spectrum of medical infrastructure and staff helps us leverage the costs, thereby transferring the cost advantage to the institutes.
Tech Savvy
We provide users with a systematic medical assessment report after every medical check-up.

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Ensuring quality health-care access to your children involves a series of wellness initiatives. Ayaksha is a market leader in healthcare solutions with 10 years of experience.
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