What are wellness Programs?

A wellness program is intended to improve and promote good health, social, emotional, mental and spiritual well being which is usually offered in schools. The program allows the children to broaden their vision and excel themselves academically as well as their overall personality. Some of our wellness program includes classroom management for teachers, good touch and bad touch for children, puberty, first aid training for teachers, parenting workshops for parents and preventative health screenings for children.

Wellness programs are provided to children, teachers and parents as a preventive measure to help avoid illness while improving and maintaining the general health of the children. This can be accomplished through education, communication and a supportive school as well as home environment.

Why school wellness programs?

School is said to be the second home for children hence their overall development is also the schools responsibility. Through our wellness programs we create awareness about health, mental, physical and emotional issues and try to create a conducive environment where children can learn and grow to their maximum potentials.

Vision of School Wellness Programs

When any program is put into service for society, the implementation and achieving the result should be the prime motive. We at Ayaksha believe in principal of taking in prevent measures. Similarly we believe that vision for school wellness programs should be wellness of student in total environment.

How and what is to be done?

Each school should have a wellness committee or council. The committee should comprise of teachers, health care provider of school (like doctors), parents and student. View point of every category or aspect can be covered if all actively participate in achieving the goal.

Goal of Wellness Programs

Recognizing that children perform their best when they are healthy and that optimal performance is necessary for a child to be a leader in his/her field, the wellness awareness program aims to improve the child’s health and well-being.

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