Personality Development (For teachers and students)

Are you facing problems in communicating with people? Trouble in maintaining relationships? No goal in life and confused on what to accomplish? Taken aback? Time to start thinking! There is no knowledge like [knowledge gained through] contemplation. When you participate in this workshop you will be asked questions that might not have occurred to you as yet; or which you have never taken out time to confront and answer. This
workshop will help you focus on your priorities and approach life with an optimism that keeps you motivated and content.
There are largely 10 topics covered:

1) Who am I?
2) My core competencies
3) My accomplishments
4) My behavior
5) Adding new behavior
6)Changing negative beliefs
7) Needs and Values
8) Motivation
9) Goal Setting
10) Self Esteem
Each topic is for one and half hour including question answers if any.

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