Parenting is known as one of the most significant stressors and although parts of parenthood are demanding, the entire experience doesn’t have to be. Raising children requires more patience, than anything else does for longer periods of time as well. The key to surviving parenting is working just as hard at reducing stress as working at raising healthy, well-educated children.

Parental stress is both a mental and physical condition. When the resources for resolving problems aren’t directly available, a positive parent will look for them wherever they can be found – friends, grandparents, counselors, Internet sites. From these resources, you’ll find that others have successfully confronted the same issues and overcome parental stress.

This program assists in learning how to cope with situations and will reduce the parental stress linked to an issue and just leave a situation that can be better handled without the emotional overhang.

The duration for the program is one and half hour, which includes one hour for the training and next half hour is the question answer session, wherein the parents can clear all their queries.

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