Parents today need to be supported and encouraged in their irreplaceable role as primary educators. The Mother-Daughter programs have been designed to respect the mother’s primary role while offering the support, encouragement and assistance to carry it out. Femininity is a beautiful gift; this new program provides an atmosphere for mothers and daughters to learn and celebrate this amazing gift together

This program is for girls from the middle school upwards, when they start to show signs of puberty. The physical bodily changes bring forth a deepening of a young girl’s interior life. This is the opportune time to begin talking about the gift of femininity, in all its beauty and wonder. This program, besides being light-hearted, positive and affirming, it addresses topics such as dignity, true beauty, friendship and virtue.

The Mother/Daughter programs are designed to be a beautiful and memorable event for those attending. Moreover, it is an opportunity for mothers and daughters to spend time together learning and celebrating their femininity.

The duration for the program is one and half hour, which includes one hour for the training and next half hour is the question answer session, wherein the mothers as well as the students can clear all their queries.

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