Every relation in life is crucial and takes its own course of development. Within a family, four relationships that count most are Husband-Wife Relationship, Mother-Children Relationship, Sibling Relationship and Father-Children Relationship. A Father-Children relationship is easier if it is a Father- Daughter duo because there is gentleness and care but the Father- Son relationship is a little crucial because the relationship is not very vocal. Though it is very important to make a father-son relationship work, most of the people do not understand the right way to handle this relationship.

The foundation stone of a relationship should always be solid and concrete. The same philosophy is applicable to the Father- Kid relationship. As it is very easy to connect emotionally with a kid, a father must start working on the relationship when a kid is small. A father- son relationship is very different from a mother-son relationship of care and tenderness; it is more like teaching the practicalities of life and preparing a son to face the real world.

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