The Magic of Reading in Children

Sudha’s son Rahul was a very smart kid. He was always praised in school by his teachers. One day Sudha’s friend saw Rahul reading a book with great interest, she wondered what would be the reason behind his reading a book with such a great interest. Sudha with a smile on her face answered her friend’s question that one of the factors that contribute to his son’s development is reading skills. She said she used to read to him since he was 2yrs old and that gradually increased Rahul’s interest in reading.

How to inculcate reading in children?

Reading is a complex process that has many parts, i.e. seeing, recognizing, saying and understanding the words. It has a multi-facet process.

Most of the parents say “my child hates reading, I make him sit with a book but he does not read” if you are one of those parents then you are not the only one facing this problem. A lot of parents go through this everyday.

As a parents we are responsible for our children’s behaviour. Instead of buying expensive videos games or toys for them, we can buy colourful books for reading and writing at kindergarten age. This will develop flare for reading from that very age till they grow up. For instance when I read newspaper, my 2yr old tires to copy me i.e. she also sits and holds the newspaper. Children do what they see. Parents are the perfect role model for their children.

Some key points to keep in mind when reading with your child :

1) Children copy what they see. Make reading together a family affair.
2) Cut out T.V time.
3) One can start surrounding children with colourful books with a short story.
4) Allot a specific time for reading. You can sit along with your child and describes him and read aloud to him. This would help in developing language skills.
5) Children have become gadgets freak. To cash on that gadget you may want to read them through e-books. There are CD’s available with fascinating stories.
6) Choose the age appropriate books. Toddlers love colourful books as they grow the range varies from quiz, fiction to non fiction etc.
7) Create a reading chart for your child. Sit with him and ask him which books they want to read today. Let them decide.
8) Ask your child to pick few words. You can start with one or two words in a day and ask him to write it down.
9) Dictionary should be encouraged to use.
10) Books with rhymes or repeated sounds are good for young children. This helps kids to develop phonological skills which will make learning to read, write and spell a lot easier.
11) Enroll your child in a library, which will encourage him to read.
12) Appreciate your child even if he learns one word in a day. Appreciation is what they like a lot. Never ever make them feel embarrassed if they use a wrong word, instead explain them what’s the correct word.

We parent have the power to boost our children learning potential that too by making reading as integral part for them.

Benefits of reading to children for parents:

1) Readings increase the vocabulary power in children through exposure to words. The more a child reads, the more new words will fill in his vocabulary.
2) One can say reading is dreaming with open eyes. Reading gives imagination to your child’s world. They try to be imaginative.
3) Children with good reading habits learn more every day about the world around them they ask questions and seek answers.

Reading is a joyous and enriching experience. Nurturing this habit at an early age will bring remarkable change in your child’s development.

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