Language in its true sense must be used to communicate, motivate and elevate rather than degrade, depress and disintegrate. The finesse in ones speech not only reflects ones character but also their approach towards life (optimistic or pessimistic).

While dealing with children, language matters to an extend that it can build or shatter their confidence; it could be a moral booster and set the tone for life.

Both, home and school, play an important role in language building and we are the educational actors who have the power to unlock the creative, innovative potential of language usage. We must align ourselves to this common mission.

Currently, SMS language has totally diluted the essence of language. It’s different strokes for different folks.

To conclude, prudence in action is required to bridge this yawning gap and my biggest concern is the lack of concern to address negative situations in a positive language.

By : Sagareeka Roy Bhatia

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