Is your child stressed out?

Arun took an off from his work and was waiting for his son Vihaan. As soon as Vihaan came back from school instead of playing with his dad he ran to his bedroom and started to complain about a headache and tiredness. Sujata brought into notice of Arun that Vihaan has headache and sleeping problems and the grades are also dropping in school. How often do we as parents encounter these issues with our children?

In today’s competitive world parents are busy occupying their kids with hobby classes, sports activity, music classes and tuition classes for different subject or a day care so parents can work hence this puts a lot of pressure on kids. Like adult, children also experience stress the only difference is they cannot explain. Because stress can be in any form like scoring good marks, misunderstanding among friends, school, family etc. Early childhood plays an important role in developing child mentally as well as physically. If not treated on time it can lead to many other problems.

Parents and teachers should look for symptoms in a child if a child looks disinterested in anything. The very first things that can convey a strong message is child behaviour. Negative behaviour can speak a lot about a child. Headaches, vomiting etc. Any other problem which affects the child health needs be examined thoroughly. Trouble in sleeping i.e. staying awake at night not going on bed at regular timing. If they are under stress they will withdraw themselves from families. They may lack energy and show least interest in any activity or even for their favourite toys.

Dealing with a stressed child can be tricky children are not familiar with the word stress. They will not be able to say what’s running in their mind. So it is our responsibility to talk them and make them feel comfortable. Ask your child if anything is bothering them.

Following methods can be used for dealing with stress in a child :

1) Free time: Free time means me time for children. An hour a day where they are left to do what they like. It can be going on walk, painting, drawing, listening to music, looking out of window or may be sitting idle etc. Use of computer, video games or mobile phone is not considered as free time or play time. Encourage them to observe nature and appreciate it. Visit to malls is a trend now avoid it by letting them play in an open ground and fresh air.

2) Stop over scheduling: Children are under tremendous pressure to perform for 7-8 hours in school and then other activities burden up. Their brains and body needs rest. Since they are learning ever second, brains works so fast that we can’t even imagine. One can restrict some activity twice or once in a week and adjust accordingly.

3) Sound Sleep: Sleep is very important part of human cycle. Sleeping helps to repair the cell. School aged kids need 10 -12 hours of sleep, teen’s need 8-9 hours of sleep and babies need 12-13 hours. Following a regular sleeping pattern will help the child to wake up on time in morning. Having bath before sleep or reading books before going to bed will help in sleeping peacefully.

4)Family time: Family that eats together and sits together can overcome any problem in life. Having dinner and having discussion can solve many problems. Listening is also very important part so before taking any decision one can listen to what the child wants to convey and help them to overcome the obstacles.

We need to train our children to stand in this competitive world but not at the cost of their life or health. Encouragement and appreciation is what children love. So always appreciate when they do something good.

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