First Aid First Help

Aliza 16yr old was at home playing with her younger sister Zahra. Her parents were out so she was looking after her sister. Whilst playing Zahra hurt herself with a sharp object and got a cut on her finger and she started bleeding. Aliza immediately ran for bandage and tried to stop the flow of blood. Aliza was aware of the first-hand information in case of cuts, bruise or injury at basic level i.e. first aid. She was thought in school about it.

First aid is very first treatment or care provided to person suffering from sudden kind of injury or illness until the medical or professional help arrives. The said can be performed by common man with proper training with a view of saving a person life and avoid the worsening of situation. First aid help can be required in any situation or to be present legally at certain place.

First aid does not require any professional stools to be performed in case of emergency. It is having simple basic knowledge of saving a person. First aid box are available in market easily one can by them from chemists or one prepare their own first aid kits. An ideal first aid kit should be small and simple with easily accessible include following things.

Sterile cotton
Bandages & gauze pieces
Antiseptic like Dettol or savlon
A ruler to use as a splint for fractures
A pair of gloves
Muscle relieving cream or spray
Crepe bandages
A tourniquet to control profuse bleeding
Band-Aids for minor cuts
An antibiotic cream like soframycin or betadine
Ice pack
rolled sterile gauze
triangular bandages (rectangle cloth for sling)
safety pin
Basic Medicines like paracetamols

First aid can be performed at any place at home, school, while travelling, in case of natural disaster, work place etc. Situation like burn, injuries, allergies, cuts, stings, splinters, sprains, strains, sudden fall injury to bones, fever, nasal congestion, bleeding, nose bleeding, heart stroke, someone who is unconscious any medical condition that affect us a first aid can be used. Basic first aid can be performed by anyone having a proper training or basic knowledge of how to use it.

First aid is very important aspect when it comes to children. But their mischievous part sometimes can be dangerous to them. They may fall, get injuries while playing or any another unseen problem may arise hence till the medical expert arrives we can avoid the situation to worsen. One can also carry first aid kit when travelling in car.

Since children are most of the time occupied at home and school lets discuss the importance of first aid at these two places. Providing parents and staff with awareness program on first aid ensure proper risk management at both places. When a situation arises it may require 20 to 30 min for ambulance to reach the place. Hence providing first help at emergency situation will not worsen the situation and a life can be saved.

The very first principle that one needs to follow is staying calm. Panicking will worsen the situation. Injuries can happen anytime anywhere but being prepared with first aid kit is very important or we can say is preventive measures. Incorporating first aid at school by teachers they can act as custodian. A child will share his knowledge with parents and thus it can be shared with the community where we live.

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