Did you meditate today?

As research continues to prove, taking time, even if it’s just one minute, meditation has so many wonderful benefits for the mind, body, and soul. Though most people tend to think meditation requires sitting still and have a “blank” mind that is not necessarily the case. There are so many types of meditations from sitting meditation to walking meditation. Mindfully cooking a meal can even be meditative for those who love cooking!
At the same time, regardless of the meditation style, in order for meditation to be effective, we must be willing to face our thoughts when they come up, sometimes over and over again, without running away to avoid the unavoidable. By practicing meditation, our attention turns from thoughts that drain our energy to thoughts and situations that uplift us.

Throughout the past decade, meditation has done wonders in maintaining peace and balance in personal and professional life. The more consistent you are at incorporating meditation into your daily routine, the better you’ll tap into your intuition when making tough choices. So, why should you meditate every day?

1. Understanding Ourselves Better
Being aware of our thoughts helps us to see and know our thoughts as thoughts rather than getting caught up in them as a reality. Whether you prefer to sit, lie down, or walk, just take the first step even if it is just for a minute in the morning.

2. Emotional Cleansing
Taking some time to meditate at any point of the day can allow for emotional cleansing because you’ve taken a moment to stop, observe, listen, and understand what is going on. Otherwise, days, months and even years could slip past unnoticed. When we practice our breathing exercises, such as through yoga, tai chi, and meditation, we allow ourselves to become open to life.
With a busy schedule and a busier mind, taking the time to meditate may be tricky. However, five minutes of practice can be as effective as an hour. The sincerity of the effort matters far more than elapsed time since meditation is about stepping out of minutes and hours and into moments.

Try this routine:

1. Find a comfortable seated position and focus on your breath. Perhaps you want to visualize a mountain or a lake. Perhaps a walking meditation is better for you today.

2. If you choose to sit, notice your posture. Sit with spine in a neutral, but not stiff, position. Think of sitting with dignity to embody that inner feeling of worthiness. Sometimes we don’t feel that way, but when we sit with strong intentional, our body makes a statement of deep conviction and commitment in the way we carry ourselves. Even if you are feeling down, sitting can affirm the strength and value of this life lived now.

3. Whether you are sitting or walking, you may even want to play some guided meditation audio or music in the background. Be prepared to focus on using breathing as a way to release the past and draw the future towards you.

Happy meditating and may you thrive in all the silver linings of the day!

“Everything begins in the mind. If you want to see clearly, you need clear vision.” –Swarmi Satchidananda

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