Dental Care

Ignoring dental care can cause various issues like bad breath, cavities, sensitivity and even tooth decay. Dental problems can be prevented by maintaining good health habit.

Formation of teeth happens before birth. At 4 months from birth teeth starts appearing. At the age of 2 to 3yr a child has mostly all is teeth. At about age of 6-8yrs milk teeth starts falling and permanent tooth starts appearing. This process continues until approximate the age of 21.

keeping teeth healthy is an important aspect for children’s overall health and well being. Dental problem which most of the children face are preventable and curable. Some of the common problems for tooth decaying are : Tooth decay and cavities (damage to outer surface of tooth due to remains of foods), Thumb sucking (behaviour involves place a thumb in mouth), Tongue thrusting(tongue coming in between swallowing), Lip sucking(Lips are behind the upper jaw), Early tooth loss(falling of tooth)

Taking care of a child’s tooth at an early age will help in further complications in future. The very first set of tooth or primary teeth are important because they play an important role in chewing and biting foods, they create space and arrange jaw line for permanent teeth by providing them correct position, development or proper formation of jaws muscles. Hence taking good care at early age will be a lifetime investment to kids.

One can take good care of their teeth by brushing teeth twice a day and in a proper manner can solve major problem in kids. Mummy or daddy can make brushing time fun. Brushing in circular motion with proper age size toothbrush at least for 2-3 minutes. When bristles are worn out or bent then immediate change of toothbrush is important.

Healthy diet is very important aspect of life. It gives overall development to body including teeth. One can include fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals. Secondly including whole grains such as oatmeal, wheat bread etc in diet. Calcium is a very important mineral so increase the intake by having milk. If possible take your child to dentist every six month because dental professional are trained to detect and solve hidden problems.

Limit the intake of starchy or sugary food to avoid cavity. Feed those fruits instead of chocolates. Avoid giving them sweets as snacks because food remains in mouth act with saliva after 30 min of consumption of foods. Encourage kids to drinks water before and after meal. If not drinking than rinse the mouth with water after having snacks or meal. As soon as your child is 2 year old one can start flossing. By flossing the foods that remain in between the gaps can be cleaned.

Babies should be given fluoride only when they are little grown up. Initially till the age of 3 to 4yrs fluoride intake should be restricted. As child grows fluoride is very important as they prevent tooth decay and cures the beginning of cavity.

Parents have a very important role in overall development of child well being. The way one acts in front kids will greatly impact on them. Parents can encourage good oral habit at home by brushing and flossing along with kids. Make each and every aspect of life fun as they saying goes children learn by what we do.

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